Lace tint spray Enhancing your lace frontal LACE TINT SPRAY IT IS TO BE USED AFTER YOU HAVE ALREADY BLEACHED THE KNOTS, SHAMPOOED, AND CONDITIONED THE LACE PIECE. Best when applied to wet lace - you should spray tint all over the Back side of the lace piece. You may let it air dry for a few minutes OR you may blow dry the back side for a FEW SECONDS. Once it has dried, you may style as desired. DIRECTIONS* Bleach Knots* Apply Tint (wet or dry lace)* Air Dry/ Blow Dry Lace PieceLACED SUGGESTION: Depending on how many coats you use you can get a variety of shades with your one bottle of lace tint. For richer color apply multiple coats. You can also mix tint sprays for specific shade.

Sensual Lace Tint (True Melanin )

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